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The Story Behind History's Most Innovative LED Poultry Bulb

Light is the single most important element in the precise science of growing poultry. Even a slight gain in light efficiency can significantly increase a grower's production and bottom-line profit. With this in mind, Luma Vue set out to help poultry farmers increase profits while saving time, money and reducing energy consumption.

After investing a significant amount of capital and thousands of hours in research and development, Luma Vue created the world's first fully-dimming LED bulb specially designed for poultry houses.

The University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture tested our bulb against other LEDs and incandescent bulbs through a 7-week growout cycle. Luma Vue's poultry bulb outperformed all other bulbs by an extremely wide margin. The Luma Vue bulb delivered much better light output, energy savings, capital cost recovery, impact on poultry growth, health, mortality and adult weight, as well as net profit to the farm.

Based on the outstanding results, Luma Vue received special recognition from the University of Arkansas for its efforts in reducing energy consumption and costs for poultry farmers in the state. But, we didn't stop there. Since then, our poultry bulbs have been subjected to on-going testing by university researchers and real-world use by growers.

After 5 years of exposure to harsh conditions including dust, feathers and power surges from electrical storms, the results are raising eyebrows across the industry. Every Luma Vue bulb is still going strong, and they're producing 99.7% of their original light output.

That's why our poultry bulbs are guaranteed to be maintenance free and energy efficient for at least 5 years.

Luma Vue is Helping Poultry Farms Cut Expenses and
Free Up Thousands in Cash Flow


Poultry growers across America are using a little-known program from Luma Vue to cut expenses and free up thousands of dollars in cash flow.

The money comes from Luma Vue's special program to lower energy consumption and eliminate the cost of replacing and maintaining light bulbs in poultry houses.

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Bigger Birds and Higher Profit
Poultry growers using Luma Vue LED lights report higher yield weights on their birds. That means higher profit on every growout. This fact is backed by research from the University of Arkansas, which found LED lights support optimal bird performance.

Lower Electric Bills
Our bulbs are proven to lower energy consumption in poultry houses. The average savings is $3,600 per year, per poultry house, based on 100 bulbs per house.

5-Year "No Touch" Guarantee

Luma Vue poultry bulbs eliminate the wasted time and hassle of replacining blown light bulbs. Our lights are guaranteed to be maintenance free and energy efficient for at least 5 years. That means you'll never touch another bulb for the next 5 years.

They Pay for Themselves in 1 Year
With Ene
rgy Star rebates up to 70% for poultry farms, most poultry growers recoup their Luma Vue bulb investment within the first year. There's never been a better time to upgrade your poultry house lighting, reduce energy consumption and save money at the same time.

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