Luma Vue is a leading innovator of LED lighting technology. Our patent-pending design reduces heat and extends the life of LED bulbs. With 40 to 80% more energy efficiency than traditional options, Luma Vue products are used worldwide in commercial, industrial, municipal and home applications.



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Industry Revolution

LED technology is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Industry experts compare the LED lighting revolution to the technology breakthrough of transistors in the 1940s. Transistors replaced vacuum tubes and changed the course of history for computers, televisions and other electronics. The replacement of 125-plus years of vacuum tube lighting by LEDs seems as inevitable as the transition from TV tubes to flat screen LED monitors.

Driven by increasing global demand for lighting solutions that are more cost effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly, LEDs are on a path to capture 80% of market share by 2020. In the US, conversion to LED bulbs is further fueled by cost declines, regulatory incentives and rapidly increasing consumer awareness.


Luma Vue Poultry Bulbs Keep Birds Calm at Missouri Poultry Farm

“We were having to change bulbs a lot before. Since we installed Luma Vue bulbs, we haven’t replaced any. This bulb doesn’t collect dust, so the illumination stays true. It gives more even lighting; there aren’t any dark areas. Also, we can dim these bulbs as the turkeys grow. We’ve noticed that...